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    Ball is life

    Life is Ball

    Ball don’t Lie.

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    i can’t believe dennis rodman played a pick-up game with the dictator of north korea and shook him so bad that he required surgery. the nastiest crossover in the history of diplomacy

    There’s a sniper in Pyongyang.

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  • Happy Halloween From Michael McDonald


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    Because I’m worth it!

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    The Innkeepers (2011) - trailer 

    Halloween Day 10

    This trailer makes it look like the same kind of shock schlock you’re used to seeing, but this movie is WAY better than that. Best movie I saw last halloween.

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    On this day, October 8th, in 1980: Talking Heads and Sire Records released “Remain in Light” (SRK 6095)

    Today’s soundtrack: The album that was originally called “Melody Attack.”

    Today’s screening: The BBC’s “Talking Heads vs. Television” -

    Today’s book club: David Bowman’s “This Must Be the Place: The Adventures of Talking Heads in the Twentieth Century”

    Today’s quote: “Both “The Great Curve” and “The Overload” are droning drags, full of screeching guitar noise that’s more freaked-out than felt. Usually, however, the gambler’s aesthetic operating within Remain in Light yields scary, funny music to which you can dance and think, think and dance, dance and think, ad infinitum.” - Rolling Stone

    Today’s ill-advised tattoo:

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    We live in the strangest of parallel universes.

    this isn’t satire oh my god

    …it’s not an onion article

    What is life

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  • "

    Yes, many things can go wrong in life. Your house might burn down. A dying bald eagle might fall on your parked car. The difference with medical bills is that they’re so potentially huge and arbitrary that there is no preparing for them. You can’t just buy insurance and stop worrying: Insurance might cover your bills, but it might not. You can’t predict how bad your bills are going to be if you get hurt in an accident, because costs are pretty much random. I have no idea why one of my generic medications costs me $150 after insurance and the other costs me $15. It’s not like the first one works 10 times better, or a panel determined that the second medicine is needed only by people who are jerks. The extent of your money-beatdown depends entirely on how your body decides to go wrong and how unlucky you are.

    We’re living in a society where an ordinary misfortune like a broken bone or a car accident can strike normal, responsible, insured Americans out of nowhere, and it could cost us $200 or it could cost us $200,000. There’s nothing any of us can do to prevent this looming financial shark attack, except be incredibly rich. And we’re all getting older, and most of us aren’t in perfect health, so why not just say “fuck it, YOLO” and spend all our income on monster trucks and golden unicorn statues? Yet you’ll hear people refer to this whole shitty situation as some kind of opportunity to learn and practice “personal responsibility.” Guys, those words: I don’t think they mean what you think they mean.